Cleopatra Movie (1963)
Headdress and Costume

The headdress was built in much the same way my first Cleopatra headdress was made. (You can read about it at the link.) The main costume consisted of two parts: the beaded/sequin underdress and the beaded robe (crafted to resemble feathered wings.) I had studied pictures of the costume and realized I would have to do some improvising to achieve the look of the pieces (as I did not have 10,000 hours to sew beads to every inch of the costume.) I used gold lame fabric as a base for the dress and applied glitter and sequins to the surface with a flexible glue. (I also sewed bugle beads to the bodice to create the feather effect on the torso.) I used a sheer black fabric as the base for the winged robe and used flexible gold fabric paint for the "feathers" I then applied bugle beads onto the smaller feathers near the top and glued lines of sequin glitter to the larger feathers at the bottom.