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Welcome to Amethyst's Closet, where you'll find my ever-growing prop and armor portfolio, along with links to tutorials on how to make your own props and costumes. As of this date, I have over 325 cosplay-related projects on display! My site now has a Search Function, so if you want to search my Costume Database, enter a character or series name into the white text field to your left.

Most of the armor and props I make have been created using foam, plastic, resin, and other materials. You can read up on my methods (and learn how to use those methods to make your own armor) in my online tutorial:
Armor and Propmaking for the Fiberglass-Phobic.

I still do accept commissions. If you want to make an inquiry, please E-mail me directly at Don't forget, while you're here, to visit my Online Prop Weblog, my Online Bookstore, and my Styrene Sheeting Store! My Social Networking Links are below this window, so be sure to scroll down and check those out as well!

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News! 1/20/2018 - Added some new costumes to the gallery: Mara Jade, Yuri Suzuki, Larcade Dragneel, Dio Brando, Mumen Rider, Sachiko Koshimizu, Ratchet, Fionna, Cleopatra (1963),The Scarecrow, Bill Cipher, Victor Krum, Storm, The Scarecrow,