1. The name if the character you want to cosplay
(and if the character wears more than one outfit, which specific outfit you want. A list of the specific costume items you will need --hat, dress, purse, etc.--will be especially handy.)

2. Lots of good, highly detailed reference pictures. The more the better. Either link to them or attach them to your letter. No fuzzy screenshots, please. If you have shots of the back of the costume, that will be especially helpful, otherwise I'll have to guess what it looks like.

3. The date you need to have the costume finished by. A number date, please. "I need it by next "Bish-o-Con" is not nearly as helpful as "I need it by January 4th 2012."

4. Any other relevant information you feel I should know. (Do you want the costume to have an inner pocket for your ipod? Do you want it to be made out of a specific material? Do you want the sleeves to detach? Let me know.)

If you wish to commission something from me or ask me for a quote, here are a few other things to remember:

PAYMENT MUST BE MADE HALF IN ADVANCE. - The first half before the item is made and the rest once the item is finished, approved, and ready to ship. ( If you sound trustworthy, I can arrange to have you send me the money in several payments via an installment plan, but this is usually something I'll only arrange for repeat customers.)

I WOULD IDEALLY LIKE AT LEAST 4 WEEKS TO FINISH THE ITEM. Certain smaller, simpler items I might be able to finish sooner. However, larger, more complex items, such as suits of armor, may take up to 3-6 months to complete. It is a good idea to arrange it so you receive the item at least a week or two before you actually need it, so if any issues arise, there will be time to address them.

ONCE YOU HAVE COMMITTED YOURSELF, THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OF ANY PAYMENT SENT IN. Meaning you can't cancel once I've begun to work on an item, as I may have already bought materials for your project and/or refused commissions from other people who wanted projects finished at the same time yours was due. Cancellations screw up my schedule and screw me out of money, so I refuse to allow them. Make sure you're CERTAIN you want something made BEFORE you order...

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR PARENT'S PERMISSION BEFORE YOU ORDER. I will not refund any payment sent in because "your psycho mom found out about the costume and is forcing you to cancel it." Also, if your boyfriend agreed to buy the item for you and then to two of you broke up after I started working on it, you are still responsible for the remaining balance...

I WILL TRY MY BEST TO MAKE YOUR PROJECT TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. You are allowed to make no more than THREE (3) successive changes to the project's design after I have sent you progress pictures. Any more than 3 changes, and I shall have to start charging you an extra fee for my time and effort.

I ACCEPT PAYPAL, MONEY ORDERS, AND CHECKS. Work will not begin on an item until the first payment has been received, so it is in your best interest to send in your payment as soon as possible. (I cannot guarantee that the work will be finished by your due date if you wait 2 weeks or more before sending in the money.)

NO MATTER HOW YOU SEND YOUR PAYMENT, PLEASE SEND ALONG THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Your name, username, e-mail address, and the name of the project you want me to work on. (You'd be surprised the number of times I've received a money order from someone who included no information to go along with it. If I only know you by your username, then putting your real name and return address on the envelope isn't going to help me one bit.)


Any weapon or prop which is over 4 feet long, unless it can be made to detach into smaller pieces.

Any armor that looks like this. Or this. Something that looks skin-tight, with a lot of body-hugging thin plates overlapping each other. Or something that's really skimpy and which looks like it could only be made by painting liquid latex onto a person's body. Not that I think it's beyond my ability, it's just that it's hard to make and fit a costume like that via a long distance. You really ought to find someone who can fit the costume to you in person.


If you need to have your item(s) by a certain date, let me know in your Initial E-mail Order.

All shipping in the US will be handled through USPS Priority Mail. All shipping charges will be determined by the estimated weight of your order and you will be informed of the final cost in your Order Confirmation E-Mail. If you want to have your item shipped via Express Mail (or by any other special means), e-mail me and let me know.

Insurance will be automatically added to all orders over $100.00 in value. Insurance is optional for orders below $100.00, and will be added only if you specifically request it.

E-mail me for information on International Shipping Rates and Restrictions.

I will not send any prop that's over 4 feet long (unless it can be made to detach into smaller components).

If you have any shipping questions which aren't covered in this page, e-mail me and let me know.
I try to please my customers as best I can, and my Ebay Feedback Rating will (hopefully, as of this date still) bear witness to that fact.

If you have any questions, let me know at dietzt@cloudnet.com)