Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Vincent Claw and Foot Armor

I've been futzing around with vinyl for the past few days:

YIKES. That picture of the claw reminds me of the green foggy Angel of Death thing that descended from the sky in the old Ten Commandments movie. (That scene and the entirety of the movie Poltergeist are why I wasn't able to sleep without a nightlight for the first 18 years of my life. Shudder.)

I use PVC vinyl fabric to coat styrene, craft foam or both, so that's nothing new. What I have been doing that's new is experimenting with ways to create embossed patterns underneath the vinyl (which is how I made the raised bumps on the claw's palm and finger pieces.) I simply made the bumps out of hotglue, waited for them to cool, squeezed on a thin layer of hotglue around the outer edges of the bumps and then pressed the vinyl on over the bumps, smoothing the vinyl out with my fingers as best I could. It takes a bit of practice to get embossed shapes with smooth lines and borders. The results are worth the hassle though, I think. Questions? Comments? Leave 'em below or e-mail me at
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Thank you.