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Have you ever wanted to create nice, professional-looking props and costume armor, but were afraid that you'd have to spend a ton of money on materials or learn to work with dangerous tools and chemicals?

Well, fear no more! Amethyst Angel, award-winning cosplayer and tutorial author has written a primer detailing her armor and propmaking methods, developed over years of practice and experimentation and incorporating many easy-to-learn skills. You CAN create realistic-looking and impressive costume armor and props using simple tools and durable, lightweight materials like styrene, craft foam, wonderflex and paper mache. These books will show you how!

Photos and Text by Teresa Dietzinger. Click here to order your copies today!

Each book contains hundreds of full-color photos and illustrations detailing every step of my armor and propmaking process! Here are just a few of the subjects covered by these volumes:

*Setting up a project workspace
*Information on tools and materials and where to buy them.
*How to research your costume/armor designs
*Buying or making your own dressform
*How to take proper body measurements
*Creating an armor or prop pattern from scratch
*Using formulas to make well-proportioned armor patterns
*Armor construction, decoration and painting techniques
*How to make swords, staffs, guns and shields
*How to make large, oversized prop swords

Also included at the back of the book is a handy index and a large list of helpful internet links and resources. This book also has a special spiral binding which will allow the reader to lay it flat and refer to it while they're working.

If you've already ordered Amethyst Angel's Guide to Making Really Kickass Costume Armor, click this to read a special note from the author.

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